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Biohazard cleanup in Steamboat Springs

Some jobs are not only too messy to clean up yourself, they're too dangerous. That's where Forward comes in. Let us handle your hazardous material cleanup so you and your family or employees can focus on staying healthy. We follow top industry guidelines and best practices to ensure the biohazard is remediated effectively and safely. These dirty jobs that threaten your health are notoriously difficult to clean up on your own. Whether you're dealing with the highly contagious coronavirus, or deadly pathogens left behind by animal intruders, give yourself peace of mind and call the experts at Forward today at 970.875.6507.


COVID-19 Cleanup

This year we've faced an unprecedented situation – the coronavirus pandemic. It's put a halt to business and threatened communities across the nation. Thankfully, we have the supplies and know-how to safely disinfect your home or business.

Whether it's the current coronavirus, or previous threats like swine flu/H1N1, we're always prepared to step in and sanitize your space, allowing you to continue to safely operate your  business.

Coronavirus Disinfecting

Has someone tested positive in your business or home? Do you want to prevent the spread of Covid-19 by taking every possible precaution, especially as employees get back to work? If so, our coronavirus disinfecting services are perfect for you.

We'll use CDC-approved methods to fog, wipe, and disinfect your business, home, school, or vehicles. Our green cleaning product is the best in the industry – it's tough on germs yet safe for use around people and pets.

Hazardous Animal Waste

Animals can cause more than a nuisance – they can carry and spread infectious, even deadly, diseases like hantavirus. If raccoons, mice, or bats have invaded your attic or crawlspace, this needs to be taken seriously and eradicated safely to prevent the spread of these dangerous pathogens.

Raccoons often find their way into your home's unclaimed areas. The bad news is, they can carry and spread a form of roundworm that can be deadly to humans, Baylisascaris procyonis. We'll save the day by safely cleaning up any infectious presents raccoons leave behind.

Bat Guano Cleanup

Bats often take up residence in older, uninhabited structures. When they decide to move on, their guano is left behind, leaving a toxic mess for human tenants. Don't risk your health by trying to clean up guano by yourself.

Just like droppings left behind from other critters, bat guano can carry dangerous diseases that are deadly to humans, like histoplasmosis. If you've taken on a remodel project and discover bat guano, call the experts at Forward to take care of it safely for you. Your family's health is too important to risk.

The Forward


  • Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, we promise to treat your home or business like the unique structure it is. We'll aim to dry in place if possible, saving you time, money, and mess. You'll get a fully custom approach for your project.
  • We pride ourselves on our professionalism. We'll show up when we say we will and keep you in the loop with communication from start to finish. You'll also receive photos and documentation of your completed job.
  • The restoration industry is always advancing, and we stay up to date on all the latest technology and techniques. We maintain the high standards of the IICRC, the gold standard of our industry's training and certification.


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