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Unfortunately no structure is completely immune to experiencing water damage of one kind or another. Leaks, pipe breaks, and flooding from external sources happen – what matters most is how the water damage is repaired. We use the latest drying techniques to remove the moisture and repair the damage in the least invasive way possible. Forward Restoration aims to preserve your existing materials and structure when we can, instead of demolishing all affected areas and creating more mess (and a longer project timeline). We're experienced in repairing water damage, and we know what can go wrong on these complex projects. If you're experiencing a flood, don't risk your home or business by hiring just any contractor or attempting to dry it yourself. Give yourself peace of mind and call the experts at Forward today at 970.875.6507.


Internal Sources

Did you know that internal sources are the most common causes of flooding that we encounter? You might be surprised how often problems like this happen: a water heater fails, a bathtub overflows, pipes freeze and burst, sewage backs up, or a valve breaks – causing catastrophic damage (sometimes to more than one unit).

Even systems meant to protect you, like fire sprinklers, can backfire. And while there are devices on the market that claim to prevent flooding, we've seen one too many flood alarms that didn't do enough.

The Elements

Water can be so peaceful and serene, but as one of the most powerful elements on earth, it's capable of causing untold destruction. Rivers and creeks can overflow, flooding your home if not properly diverted. And unfortunately, we're all at the mercy of the weather.

Too much snow at once can create ice dams, causing roof leaks when the weather warms up. Poorly designed drainage systems lead to basement and crawl space flooding that needs to be addressed before mold grows.

Frozen Pipes

Steamboat Springs, known as "Ski Town USA," is a beautiful winter wonderland. Unfortunately, our winter climate can wreak havoc on residential and commercial structures. Floods caused by frozen pipes happen more often than you'd think, especially when the temperature drops in January and February.

When heating systems fail or tenants neglect to properly heat their units, pipes can freeze and burst, causing a disaster. The sooner you call the experts at Forward, the better, as letting moisture sit can cause building materials to swell and mold to grow.

Applied Structural Drying

Some companies use a "sledgehammer" approach, ripping out everything affected by a flood. We like to say our approach is more "surgical." When assessing how best to restore a home or business after a flood, we consider whether or not it's cost effective to dry materials in place or tear them out and replace them.

While demolition is sometimes necessary, it leads to a longer project timeline, more dust and cleaning, and disruption to tenants or office workers, who will have to relocate. By working smarter, not harder, and only demoing when we have to, we actually save you money and can be out of your hair (and space) much faster.

The Forward


  • Instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach, we promise to treat your home or business like the unique structure it is. We'll aim to dry in place if possible, saving you time, money, and mess. You'll get a fully custom approach for your project.
  • We pride ourselves on our professionalism. We'll show up when we say we will and keep you in the loop with communication from start to finish. You'll also receive photos and documentation of your completed job.
  • The restoration industry is always advancing, and we stay up to date on all the latest technology and techniques. We maintain the high standards of the IICRC, the gold standard of our industry's training and certification.


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